Change is the lifeblood of any organisation, and having the right human resources (HR) approach is essential to make it work.

But good HR can also help create a culture where change and innovation come naturally. We can help you put in place the organisational infrastructure to make sure your processes are in line with your organisation's objectives. With Juniper Capabilities, you can rely on a full range of HR support services based on years of experience and successful delivery.

Areas covered

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structure & roles

A clear understanding of structures and roles throughout the organisation will enhance the way you do business. We can help you design structures, project manage restructures, mergers and acquisitions, and assist with TUPE. We'll also help design and provide content for job descriptions.

Crisis Communications

No business is immune from the threat of a major incident or crisis that can damage a hard-won reputation and incur unforeseen costs over many years. By being prepared, and containing a crisis efficiently through good communications, you can mitigate the damage and get your organisation back on track in the shortest possible time. At Juniper Capabilities, we offer a crisis audit service, crisis planning and training, as well as support during the crisis to help you act quickly and effectively. We can also assist you with reputational issues after the event to ensure that confidence in your organisation is maintained.

Crisis Communications

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HR Policies, Procedures and handbooks

We'll tailor policies and procedures to your business needs, develop employee handbooks and ensure compliance.

Performance and talent management

Setting clear performance standards and regularly providing feedback on performance are vital tools for keeping your workforce happy and your work streams on target. If you're looking for a step change in performance or recognise there is opportunity for improvement we're here to help. We can review and design performance standards, competency frameworks, appraisal processes including designing performance related pay schemes and facilitate 360 feedback so that your people at every level understand their expected contribution, engendering a culture of motivation and improvement.

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HR balanced scorecard

In order for HR to be a key player in enabling the delivery of the organisations strategy you must be able to identify and focus on the critical measures that have the greatest impact on your organisations performance. At Juniper Capabilities, we help you define these measures and provide support to your HR team so that they can focus on and manage their responsibilities more effectively. We help you demonstrate HR's contribution to company performance in credible ways.


Workplace mediation should be impartial, confidential and informal, leading to voluntary dispute resolution. We'll give you the benefit of an impartial framework in which differences can be resolved, and help you foster mutual respect through improved communication.

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We'll help you establish the facts in a fair and objective way, helping you make informed decisions based on fact.